I am one of the authors of the critically acclaimed book Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing that was published by Zed Books in 2017.

The book reveals how many of the key challenges facing modern economies – including the housing crisis, deepening inequality, poor prospects for sustainable growth, intergenerational conflict and financial instability – are intimately tied to the land economy. Looking at the ways in which discussions of land have been routinely excluded from both housing policy and economic theory, the authors show that in order to tackle these increasingly pressing issues a major re-think by policymakers is required.

The book can be purchased from Zed BooksAmazon and most good book retailers.

Critical acclaim for Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing

‘One of the best economics books of 2017.’
– Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator at the Financial Times

‘Analyses the subject with excellent clarity. Read it and you will understand the crucial underlying drivers of rising debt, increasing inequality and financial crises.’
– Lord Adair Turner, Chairman of the Institute of New Economic Thinking

‘This excellent book is both thorough and comprehensive. I am convinced that it will quickly become an important reference for the general public and for economists, and hopefully also for policymakers.’
– Michael Kumhof, Senior Research Advisor, Bank of England

‘Takes a fresh and comprehensive look at the problems created by a failure to consider the role of land in the economy of the UK. It proposes a wide range of solutions which policymakers should consider.’
– Dame Kate Barker, economist and author of the Barker Review of UK Housing Supply

‘Lucid and convincing… Economics is evolving and this crucial book is a key part of its transformation.’
– Danny Dorling, author of All That Is Solid: How the Great Housing Disaster Defines Our Times

‘A comprehensive survey of the role of land in the economy and its neglect in economics, as well as a profile of how ownership of this essential requirement for life has become unattainable for the majority of young Britons.’
– Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics

‘Long overdue. It returns land to its central role in both economic theory and in built environment discourses.’
– Duncan Bowie, author of Radical Solutions to the Housing Supply Crisis