‘Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing’ has been included in the Financial Times Best Economics Books of 2017. The full list, compiled by Chief Economics Commentator Martin Wolf, is available on the Financial Times website.

“The removal of land (defined as location) from the canonical neoclassical model of the economy was, argues this thought-provoking book, an intellectual blunder. More important, this simplification has led to dreadful outcomes. The role of land as an asset destabilises the financial system. The under-taxation of land deprives governments of needed revenue. The result has been growing inequality and instability. It is time, argue the authors, to reconsider the role of land in today’s economies and societies.”

Rethinking the Economics of Land, by Josh Ryan-Collins, Toby Lloyd and Laurie Macfarlane, Zed Books, RRP£14.95


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